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April 19, 2006

My dear friends! This

My dear friends!
This spring I came back to Japan from Moscow two weeks earlier than usual
.It was unusually cold in Moscow this winter, but here it
’s spring time and sakura blossoms are so nice and beautiful. Back in
Moscow I found a new apartment. It is much larger than my previous place,
and on the 39th floor with good panoramic views.
This summer season, I have a few concerts. On June 24th, I will perform
Spanish Symphony by Lalo at Hyogo Prefectural Hall. On July 1st, I have a
recital at Yamaha Ginza in Tokyo. And on July 14th, I have another recital
at Osaka Symphony Hall. I would like to see all of you at my concerts.
Sincerely yours, Anastasia

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